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Workshop tip: What does it say on the tyre?

Tyre manufacturers place all the important information about the tyre on the sidewall. In addition to the exact tread name, it also contains the key size information such as tyre width, rim diameter and the ratio of sidewall height to tyre width. The load and speed indices are also listed below the specifications. It indicates the maximum speed for which a tyre is designed and the maximum load that the tread can safely carry.

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Workshop tip: What distinguishes diagonal and radial tyres?

Diagonal or radial - every commercial tyre can be assigned to one of these two types.

In our workshop tip, we look back at the history of development, explain both types of construction and list their advantages and disadvantages.


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Committed to the responsibilities of the tyre wholesale trade

By looking at the shared history of Bohnenkamp and BKT, a lot can be revealed about our own development, our reliability towards customers and partners, and our continually fresh ideas for a successful, partnership-based future. We spoke with our Chairman of the Board Gregor Rüth and the Head of Overall Sales Thomas Pott about the previous, very dynamic years and future perspectives.

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Listening is the key to the customer-oriented product range.

The Indian tyre manufacturer BKT has grown significantly over the past ten years. The company with headquarters in Mumbai, India, has opened two production facilities as well as its own industrial waste production plant. The expansion of production capacity and the growth-promoting investments in research and development have positioned BKT well to serve the sectors OTR, agriculture and industry worldwide with tyres. We spoke to BKT Chairman Arvind Poddar during the anniversary celebrations.

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25 years of partnership between BKT and Bohnenkamp

BKT brand tyres have been part of our company's standard product range for 25 years. We celebrated the partnership that has connected us ever since with a joint event in Osnabrück to mark the anniversary. Time to look back - and set the course for the future.

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Alliance 590 - a tread for agricultural and construction trailers

With the Alliance 590, the manufacturer Yokohama Off-Highway Tires launched a flotation tyre specifically for use in agriculture and the construction industry last year. The tread has been available at Bohnenkamp since this year.

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Construction site truck tyres for three typical construction vehicles

For safe use on the construction site, we have equipped a rear tipper, a low loader, and a tipping semi-trailer unit each with a complete set of sample tyres. The pinpoint selection shows the breadth and depth of our range for construction site trucks in every application scenario.

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Workshop tip – Tyres filled with water

There's no cheaper way to ballast a tractor than with water in the tyres. However, for a safe ride with water-filled tyres, workshops and users must observe a few basic rules - also because some tyre manufacturers expressly advise against water ballast. Our workshop tip on water-filled tyres shows what practitioners need to pay attention to.

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BKT grows sustainably.BKT grows sustainably.BKT grows sustainably.

On the occasion of the site expansion in Bhuj, India, the OTR tyre manufacturer BKT announced a comprehensive growth plan. In three years, an annual production volume of 600,000 tonnes and a turnover of two billion dollars are expected to be reached. A modernised production of carbon black, a significantly expanded tyre mould manufacturing, new products such as rubber tracks and a further expansion of the brand's own power plant support the brand expansion plans.

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Lawn tyres for the 2023 season

Whether on the football pitch, golf course, green belt or parklands – wherever grass grows in top condition, lawn mowers and other lawn care machines should drive on special lawn tyres. However, not every type of lawn tread is suitable for every application. For maximum lawn protection, it's worth taking a closer look at the main use and type of use – and at the lawn tyre range from Bohnenkamp AG.

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